Snakes 101

Snakes are an acquired taste. When they come into your barns or yard area, you may be looking for the Atlanta Snake Removal to help you out. Snakes have many fascinating things about them that most people don’t know. Most people see them as a dangerous reptile that is going to kill them with one bite. There are very few snakes that have venom enough to kill a human. Most bites hurt a bit, but they are not going to kill a person. Here are some fun facts about snakes that you probably didn’t know.


1. Snakes grow their entire life. They never stop growing. The older a snake, the bigger they are. If you find a snake that is massive in length, it is a senior citizen.

2. The longest snake on record is 30 feet long. The reticulated python holds the record.

3. The smallest snake on record is the Barbados thread snake. It is a tiny 4 inches.

4. The heaviest snake on record is the green anaconda. One broke the record books at a whopping 550 lbs. However, they also hold the record for longevity. They can live up to 50 years.

5. When it comes to the snake kingdom, the Boas and the Pythons are king. They are bone crushers and kill their prey before eating it.

6. Vipers have a heat-sensory organ on top of their head. This pit is between their eyes. This area can detect variations in temperature up to a fraction of a degree. It helps them to catch prey in the dark. They are also known for their triangular-shaped eyes.


7. Many people mistake the king cobra as the most dangerous snake alive. While they grow up to 19 feet and are the longest venomous snake around, their venom is less potent than other cobras. However, one bite delivers more venom than all the other snakes combined.

8. 6 people die each year from snake bites in the United States.

9. Snake venom falls into one of three categories, hemotoxins, cytotoxins, and neurotoxins.

10. Because of their docile nature, the coral snake is the most captivated snake in the world.