Humane Wildlife Removal

rodentsAtlanta is a vibrant place to live, but the city’s appeal also comes with the cost of construction in many animals’ habitats. Finding yourself sharing a home with wildlife can be somewhat frustrating, but you probably want to find the most humane solutions possible to make life easier. After all, the animals don’t understand why we moved into their habitats.

Animals in the House

There are many types of animals that often wander into a home accidentally or take up residence if it’s cold outside and they find a food source. Some animals, such as rodents, tend to be destructive, leave a lot of droppings, or spread disease. Having a venomous snake get into the house also poses a problem. Many animals who get into a residence live in basements, attics, or crawl spaces where they are not immediately obvious.

Wildlife in the Yard

Living in an area where you often have a lot of wildlife passing through your yard is fun, but can have its drawbacks. Animals with destructive chewing or digging habits, a tendency to eat out of trash cans, or that have hostile encounters with your pets may not be able to co-exist with your family without problems. Many wild animals, however, can survive very peacefully around people and domestic pets.

Humane Solutions Are Best

Humane animal removal is your best solution because it allows the animal to live while taking it out of a situation where its presence is unwanted. When a professional traps and removes wildlife that are causing problems, the animals will be able to live in a natural habitat once again. Removal is a win-win situation for both the animals and the homeowners.

How Trapping Helps

Humane traps keep wildlife properly contained, without killing them. They are designed to keep the animals in place until the wildlife removal professional can take them to their new home. Modern humane traps are designed to work without catching the animal’s neck or legs.

Enjoying Local Wildlife

rabbitsMany homeowners prefer to give the wildlife in their area a chance before resorting to removal. Most bird species, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and skunks are examples of animals that may pose few problems in a residential area if not provoked or deliberately fed. Non-venomous snakes can help play a role in keeping rodent and bird populations under control. You may want to try restricting access to potential food sources that are too close to the house or blocking off places that allow access to your home or garage. No matter what you’re coping with, non-lethal solutions are available.