Humane Snake Removal

Snakes are horrifying to some people. However, there are only certain species that you need to concern yourself with in the Atlanta area. When it gets hot outside, the snacks want to come out and play. Snakes don’t move too much when the temperatures are high. They love to move around in the cooler months, much like humans. During the summer your chances of seeing a snake are a bit lower. However, there are six native to the area that is known for their potent venom. If you see these snakes wondering around, steer clear!

When you encounter the following snakes, you should always try and keep away from them. However, a time might come when one of these snakes decides to enter your home. In a case like that a good way to deal with it is not by trying to remove the pest yourself, but rather call a removal service such as this wildlife removal Atlanta branch that will help you with your little intruders. These removal services like Atlanta snake removal, Atlanta raccoon removal and etc. are able to do their work clearly in safe way.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Crotalus adamanteus September 2011 Phillip's Natural World ready to strike

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

They are by far the most dangerous snakes in Atlanta. They are at the top of the food chain with no known enemies. Usually located in the southern parts of the state, the Diamondback will strike without warning. They are extremely irritable and ready to defend. In this country, this is the largest and most venomous snake.

Cottonmouth aka Water Moccasin

A member of the viper family, the cottonmouth is found in the southern part of the state. They prefer the swamp line areas. Their venom is potent enough to dissolve tissue. They are aggressive, and one bite can kill a person. Their venom can cause systemic bleeding.

Coral Snake

Though the coral snake is sky and doesn’t bite much, they are extremely venomous. Most people are bitten from trying to handle them. These snakes cannot strike quickly and when they do they must hang on to their victim to achieve envenomation. No one has ever died from a coral snake bite, but their pretty color makes them appealing to many.



The copperhead is another member of the viper family. They can be found almost everywhere in the state. Their bites are not fatal to an adult, but to a child or pet it can be life threatening. They are very aggressive and should be avoided at all costs.

Timber Rattlesnake

You will often see the Timber Rattlesnake in the Wooded hillsides and rocky ridges. Though their reputations are that of a laid-back snack, beware! They are temperamental and their bit is extreme.

Pigmy Rattlesnake

Though it is a smaller snake, don’t let its size fool you. This snake is venomous and is found all over the state. However, if you do get bitten, it won’t be anything life threatening. It may hurt a bit, but the bite won’t cause any damage.