Humane Bat Removal

4645410115_3d269e19eb_b“It can be a truly discouraging thing, because I have a bat in my belfry” These were the words uttered by the Joker in Batman. The movie with Jack Nicholson. I remember thinking how funny that line was when I first saw the movie. Who is with me?

In all seriousness though, having a bat around your home is never a good thing. Bats have a tendency to do nasty things, if provoked. Bats are creatures, just like everything else. Bats are also creatures that have their own agenda. If you provoke them in any way, they will provoke back. This will happen whether the bat is in your home or outside of your home.

I am not saying to scare you. I am saying this to help you put preventative measures in place. One of the preventative measures is by calling the Humane Society.


This is the place you need to call if you have any bat, snake, raccoon infestations hanging around your home. Atlanta Snake Removal, Atlanta Bat Removal and etc. deals in wildlife removal and preservation, which is a good thing.


You should make this call as soon as you notice just one bat flying around your house. It doesn’t matter if he decides not to stay that long, he will most likely be back. This bat is looking to set up shop. This bat is looking for a way inside. This is why you should call wildlife control as soon as you notice the appearance.


That all depends on you. What you need is a company that will come in and contain the problem. Find a way to bolt up an holes that offer access. A good company will put measures into place that will reduce the likelihood of the bat coming back.

You also want a wildlife removal company that will not do anything to harm the bat. The idea is not to harm this creature. The idea is to send him packing. Try to pick a company who upholds these values. I have learned that some companies will and some won’t. Just because the company works under the umbrella of the Humane Society, doesn’t mean their practices will protect the bat.


batAs I said, just because the company is listed on the Humane Society site, doesn’t mean they will all have the same rules. Look at how you feel about animals. Find a company that matches your beliefs. This means you will have to do some research. Once you find a good company, call them up. Ask them about their policies and practices. Have the company come out and conduct an on-site inspection at your home. Ask about pricing, anything and everything you can think of.

Find out how the company will take care of the bat. Find out how the company will ensure you for future issues. Ask about referrals and credentials. It’s a long process, but the payoff will be worth it.